Corporate/Group Nutrition Seminars

Ara is an extremely knowledgeable and inspiring nutrition expert who offers lunch and learn seminars, interactive workshops and delivers presentations at conferences and trade shows.

Nutrition seminars, workshops and presentations may run for 30, 60 or 90 minutes and are tailored to suit the needs of your organization. They may be set up in your boardroom, lunchroom or other meeting space convenient to you.

Seminar Topics

  • A healthier tomorrow – Understanding stress and how it affects our body; adrenal fatigue and cortisol and how it affects your physical and emotional state. Incorporating healthy nutrition practices to help with stress and improve your health
  • Alcoholism and Nutrition: How to prevent relapse, understanding what causes addiction.
  • Anti-aging and longevity – What are antioxidants and what are free radicals? Where do they come from? Are you adding years to your life or life to your years?
  • Boosting Your Immune System – which foods help to boost your immune system and which ones stress your immune system? “The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything”, learn how we to keep your inner terrain healthy. How our mood affects our immune system.
  • Brain foods and stress busters – which foods are helpful for staying alert and focused and which foods are helpful for relaxation and sleep. What are brain foods? How to combat stress and what stress does in our bodies.
  • Cleaning out your internal closet – Disease prevention. Detoxification and cleansing what does it mean? How do I detoxify and what are toxins and where do they come from?
  • Diabetes: Finding balance and discovering the sweetness in life!
  • Developing your gut instinct – Digestion ~ the ins and outs, Elimination ~ learning to let go and optimal absorption of nutrients. Learn nutritional strategies for ridding your body of toxic elements, such as pollution and chemicals in food. Feel well by getting your digestive processes working well. How to develop your gut instinct.
  • Eating disorders and exercise obsession – when does something good become something bad?
  • Eating right: It’s easy and it pays smart health dividends
  • Effective Weight Loss Strategies – how to lose weight in a healthy way. How your thyroid, medications, perceptions, belief systems play a role in weight loss. Foods that raise your metabolism.
  • Healthy eating on the run – Always something to do? The days never end? Too many restaurant meals? Traveling? Forsake nutrition and you give up good health. Fit nutrition into your busy lifestyle! Learning practical strategies to select nutritious, energy fueled foods and balanced meals means maintaining your good health and energy.
  • Menopause, PMS, and hormonal changes – Effective, healthy strategies to help reduce your symptoms. How stress plays a role. Why am I gaining weight around my mid section?
  • Nutrition for shift work – How to stay alert and focused and how to get a restful sleep with the right combinations of nutrients. What is our circadian rhythm?
  • Nutrition: What is a balanced diet? How do we find balance in our lives?
  • Pain management – anti-inflammatory diet, managing chronic pain and understanding what it represents? Why are the emotional reasons behind it?
  • Preventing Cancer – What is acid/alkalinity? What are some preventative measures?
  • Preventing Heart Disease – what causes heart disease? What are the heart healthy foods? How is stress a factor? What is cholesterol – really?
  • Sugar, chocolate and other cravings – how to deal with sugar cravings? Why do we crave fat, bread, and sugar, dairy? Food and mood, how food affects our mood.
  • Ten steps to a leaner you – 10 easy steps to a leaner you!
  • The importance of hydration – What happens when you are 2 percent dehydrated? How much do I need to drink? What are the healthiest liquids to drink?
  • The nuts and seeds of protein – The erroneous myths about protein, how much protein do we really need? What are good sources?
  • The skinny on fat – Which fats are the healthiest to use? What are essential fatty acids? How unhealthy fats get into our food supply, what are unhealthy fats and how do they contribute to extra fat on our body.
  • Fail to plan; Plan to fail – The well-worn saying applies to achieving a healthy way of eating. Learn what staple foods you should have in your kitchen; how to grocery shop efficiently and effectively; and reading and understanding food labels. Being prepared is the key.

On request, I will custom build a seminar suitable to your needs.

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