What is iridology?

IridologyIridology is the scientific study of the iris, the colored part of the eye. Through the analysis of the various characteristics of each iris, iridology can provide information about your physical and emotional health. This non-invasive diagnostic procedure is useful in the detection of existing conditions as well as inherited genetic weaknesses. With the help of iris charts, an iridologist can help identify systems and organs in your body that may be irritated, overactive or underactive. By spotting these imbalances, steps can be taken to reverse current health issues or to prevent future ones from arising. Not only are the eyes the windows to your soul, they are the windows to your body and your overall health.

How does this work?
There are approximately 300,000 nerves that run through the optic nerve from the various body systems. The projection of systemic activity, both past and current, can be seen in the iris.

Why should I get an iris analysis?

  • For overall health awareness
  • To determine which organs are under or over active
  • To be able to discover any conditions of the nervous, digestive, eliminative, lymphatic and structural systems of the body
  • For gaining insight into which areas of the body need to be addressed
  • To uncover any physical and emotional imbalances
  • For early identification of illness and degenerative processes

1 hour Iridology Consultation: $85.00 + tax