One-on-one Nutritional Therapy Sessions




One-On-One Counselling
The initial 90-minute consultation can be in person, by phone or via Skype and is a requirement for all new clients. During this consultation we will evaluate and assess your unique nutritional needs. It is designed to gather information on your current health status, medical history and risk factors for disease. We examine lifestyle habits, sleeping patterns, stress levels, allergies, bowel regularity and your physical and emotional wellbeing. We explore your dietary history as well as food preferences. A body composition analysis will be done to assist with determining your nutritional goals.

Clients are asked to provide their most current blood test results and any other lab test results in order to ascertain any nutritional deficiencies or excesses. You will then be given recommendations, a Nutrition Report, and a Customized Meal Plan.

Nutrition Report
This report will outline the solutions and dietary changes necessary to help you achieve your goals. The Nutrition Report is a list of specific strategies and recommendations that will help improve your diet, nutritional intake and energy/activity level.

Customized Meal Plan
The meal plan is a guide for meal times, portion sizes, and appropriate food combinations. It may include meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks based on your unique biochemistry. Your Customized Meal Plan is based on your current lifestyle, including where you eat (i.e., home, restaurants, take-out and travel). Healthy recipes will also be provided.


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