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A Plan For Change

When I started to write this September issue, I kept thinking about change and renewal. You can almost feel the change in the air. One morning you wake up and it’s already September, and something feels different. When you look back and reflect on the themes of the last year, what areas of your life were you able to express and develop? Is there any unfinished business that still needs to be tended to? Many of us can look back and realize that we have come to a new level of appreciation for the personal relationships that nourished us and the accomplishments we were able to achieve. Accepting ourselves and acknowleging the areas in our life that need improvement and expansion is the foundation for growth.

Whenever we embark on the road to any kind of change we need a road map to set our internal GPS to help us get there. If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there? That is why it is important to write your goals down and have an actual plan for change. I find that when you write it down it becomes real and more likely to manifest. Our thoughts send out a frequency and bring more of what we are thinking about into our daily existence. Thinking negative thoughts uses up valuable energy but also brings negativity into our lives. I went away on a vacation this summer and stopped worrying about all the things that most of us spend our time thinking about. Since being back, I haven’t allowed myself to get into that cycle of thinking and I see that things around me are changing. It’s as simple or as difficult as stopping the thought patterns and having certainty in everything that is happening. Try to stop looking for answers to the things that don’t make sense and trust that there is a higher purpose for everything.

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you feel closer to achieving your goals? Have you achieved any one of your goals? What is preventing you from achieving your goals? Are there external obstacles such as; not being prepared, time management, feeling disorganized, not having the right resources in place? What about internal obstacles such as; deep rooted beliefs about yourself, procrastination, lack of motivation or self-love?

To make lasting changes you need both awareness and action. Here is a plan for change: get a pen and paper, write down in a clear, concise, honest manner exactly what you resolve to accomplish, change, improve upon, let go of, and what you truly want to achieve in your life.

Step 1: Identify your short-term goals. What do you want to achieve or accomplish in the next 2-3 months in each of the following areas: health, finance, relationships and personal work? (i.e. areas you want to improve or things you want to change about yourself)

Step 2: Identify your negativity and be honest – What is blocking you from what you want in your life? What pushes your buttons and what are your negative traits?

Step 3: Identify your positive traits – What are your best skills, in what area do you feel the most successful, what are your gifts and what are you grateful for? Examples of these could be; having energy to get through the day, the clean water or food you have at your disposal etc.?

Read your intentions aloud twice a day, in the morning and evening. As you read it, feel yourself already having achieved what you set out to do and get into that mindset.

So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment today and get excited knowing you are on your way there.

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