Audio-Visual Brainwave Entrainment

We provide Audio-Visual Brainwave Entrainment (AVE) sessions while you are lying on the PEMF mat.

AVE is a technique that utilizes pulses of light and sound at specific frequencies to safely guide the brain into various brain wave patterns.


AVE and PEMF Therapy sessions help to bring you into the present moment. You can then let go of the constant mind chatter and thoughts relating to daily hassles, schedules, to-do-lists, paying bills, what ifs and worries.  

During the session you will notice your breathing deepen as your body begins to relax. Your hands and feet will become warmer as your arteries dilate. You will start to feel deeply relaxed and content as beneficial neurotransmitters are released into your brain.

This deep state of relaxation allows your brain and body to regenerate and repair. Many of us tend to be chronically stressed and find it hard to deeply relax. AVE contributes to restoring our natural way of being by providing a stress-break, increasing cerebral blood flow and allowing the brain to return to normal function.

The sessions have been helpful for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), stress reduction, sleep, improved mood, mental sharpness and balance (reduced risk of falling) in seniors, and reduced worry along with improvements in concentration and memory in college students. 

During the sessions you are able to enter desired states of consciousness designed to help relieve psychological stress. You will leave feeling more at ease, relaxed and happy!

“I tried the PEMF and AVE therapies and I left feeling relaxed and at peace in my body. That night I had the deepest sleep. I loved the feeling and can’t wait for my next session.” 
– Charlene 

Please contact us to set up an appointment.

AVE is included with PEMF therapy.


Therapy Trial Session
$40.00 + HST


Therapy Session
$80.00 + HST


10 Session Package
$750.00 + HST


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