Ara Wiseman

Falling Into Place

(Written by Aranka Shkolnikova)

As autumn approaches, our sentiments, moods and energy can change in subtle ways, or sometimes quite visibly. Some of us become very busy organizing family gatherings, work, school, and hopefully cooking and canning to store the super sweetness from the summer.

For some parents there is relief with school taking the load off the shoulders a bit, letting moms and dads focus on career and self development.

As we slowly get back into our routines, it’s an excellent opportunity to start our days off with movement. Gyms and yoga studios get busier, with new and returning enthusiasts. I find that yoga helps to set the right tone.

A good yoga practice is one that
1. starts with a genuine willingness and desire to truly feel the whole body
2. nurtures the receptivity to get more intimate with your mind
3. encourages the body to bend, stretch and strengthen
4. incorporates standing postures, preferably in a gentle flow, to begin
increasing circulation throughout the body
5. ups the tempo and boosts your strength at the end of the standing postures
6. calms the heart and increases the depth of stretches of the muscles, spine,
hips and shoulders
7. allows time for a cohesive sequence of inversions and pranayama (breathing)
8. ends with savasana and meditation
9. leaves you with a clear mind…

Allow yourself 45 minutes for your practice, preferably each morning before turning to daily duties. No more headaches or backaches stealing your precious creative time. Trust your yoga practice to guide you into falling into place and falling into peace. Namaste!

Aranka is passionate about yoga and health. She teaches yoga full time at Yoga Heritage. Her classes are fun, invigorating and when needed her voice is the absolute soothing remedy for all in the room. For more information, please go to:

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