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We are the sum total of our life experiences. For most of us it is not until we start to notice bags or dryness under our eyes, or maybe even a wrinkle or two, that we start to realize the importance of taking care of our skin and body. When we are teenagers and get the odd blemish or acne, we are more concerned about how we look than the health of our body.

Having been in the field of nutrition and health for 20 years and having seen thousands of clients, students and family members struggle with food, life experiences, challenges, illnesses, death of loved ones and stress, I have learned a great deal.

When I was young, the fifty year olds in my life seemed ancient. I remember family members with sagging skin, struggling with weight gain and various health issues. Fifty today doesn’t have to be that way. If you eat right for your body, manage your stress, balance your hormones, practice yoga, meditation & exercise, get enough proper sleep, hydrate your body and breathe in fresh air, you can remain young. Most of us fear aging and see it as a curse as opposed to a blessing. One of my clients once said, “aging is a privilege not everyone gets to experience.”

"You are more a product of your thoughts, than your genes"

- Bruce Lipton

Most of us have never given thought to how to age well. As we age, the things we had taken for granted become our focus. If you experience poor quality sleep, consume too much sodium, or feel overwhelmed or stressed, it shows up on your face. You end up looking and feeling “bagged.”

You might be experiencing hormonal changes, fatigue, weight gain or loss, heavy menstrual cycles, hot flashes, trouble reading labels and small print, dealing with pain in your body or feeling like it’s harder to bounce back from stressful events. We are all getting older, but aging can be a wonderful, positive experience. Once you understand how you can change the paradigm of aging, your quality of life will improve.

I have had several pivotal moments in my life. The most recent was watching my father’s health decline after suffering a brain injury. He went from being 79 years old to 95 in a matter of months and could no longer care for himself. During this time I would wake up with severe pain in my right shoulder radiating down my arm. The pain was so intense that I felt as though I was going to throw up. Acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and physiotherapy all helped, but didn’t completely resolve it. After he passed away, I realized that often times the physical pain is easier to deal with than the emotional pain.

We subconsciously store emotional pain in our body. I still have residual pain stored in the tissues of my right shoulder blade. Unexpressed emotions literally get stuck in our body causing blockages, preventing energy from flowing ultimately leading to pain.  The pain is there to get our attention, so we can begin to resolve it. Pain is a universal human experience. Whether it’s emotional, mental or physical, pain is something that has touched all of our lives. Pain can come to us for various reasons and helps us expand and grow by creating a desire for change. My father’s passing has had a profound, lasting effect on me. Our health is our wealth and we need to appreciate and be grateful for having the energy to go about our day. He would always say, “Be grateful that you are able to work, not everyone has that ability.”

Contrary to what you may believe, you have control over how fast you and your skin age and you can prevent and even reverse many health related issues. Time does not age you, a lack of nourishment on all levels does. Aging is universal, but each of us experiences it in different ways. Aging may be inevitable; the rate of aging is not. The choices you make and the thoughts you have, impact the health of your body. You can literally worry yourself to wrinkles!

I created the Transformative Anti-Aging Program™ for YOU, to help you reverse the effects of aging. By being proactive in your approach to biological aging you can live with vitality and passion! It is never too early or too late to slow down the process of aging. Your skin does not have to reveal your age as defined in years. Whatever you are feeling or going through, our Anti-Aging Program can help you achieve the vibrant, healthy, quality of life that you deserve!

The Transformative Anti-Aging Program™

A specialized counseling program designed to slow down the aging process and prevent and reverse age related skin and health issues. It consists of 8 one-on-one nutrition therapy sessions scheduled every two to three weeks. You will gain an understanding of the causes of aging and the specific nutrients that are needed for your biological cellular health and energy. We will address skin health and how to reduce wrinkles, cellulite and bags under your eyes, by feeding your skin from the inside out. We will improve your diet, strengthen your immune system, rebuild tissue, increase energy, improve skin health and slow down the biological aging process. It is time to be proactive in your approach to aging and create a new vision of living, with vitality and passion!

“Aging may be inevitable; the rate of aging is not. You can’t change your genes but you can change the way they are expressed”

The 8 sessions include:

  • Assessment and intake questionnaire
  • Nutritional & body composition analysis
  • Meal planning guide with easy to follow recipes
  • Anti-aging resources, handouts, tips & guidelines
  • Specific supplement protocols for anti-aging
  • Food and mood journal review to keep you on track
  • Metabolic detoxification designed to enhance natural pathways and eliminate toxins
  • Addressing skin aging factors (boosting collagen and elastin production)
  • Enhancement of cellular health, energy cultivation and preservation
  • Choosing the foods and serums that are beneficial for your skin type and condition
  • A bag of Ara Essentials Daily Greens included
  • Longevity through lifestyle modifications
  • Anti-stress & deep breathing techniques for anti-aging
  • Email support

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