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Juice Your Way to Health This Summer

(Written by Frances Michaelson)

Summer is just around the corner! Most of us start thinking about warmer weather, lighter clothing, exercising and healthier eating. These are all positive thoughts that need to be linked to positive actions! There is no better time than the spring to start cleansing your body with mineral rich fruits and vegetables in their purest state and raw whenever possible. When we cook our food, we lose the enzymes and many important vitamins and minerals. An easy and very efficient way to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients that your cells need, is by juicing!

The benefits of juicing are endless. You will enhance your immune system, see improvements in your skin, and experience increased energy and vitality. If you are looking to shed a few pounds for the summer, incorporating a daily juice into your diet is a great place to start. In fact, you would have to eat an enormous amount of food in order to receive the same nutritional benefits as you do from just one large glass of juice.

I love to start my mornings with a combination of either kale or chard, a whole english cucumber, a few carrots, beets, a bit of ginger and lemon. Once you experience the increased energy you get from a freshly squeezed juice, there is no turning back. There are endless combinations of juices depending on your taste buds.

As for exercise, you no longer need to join a gym to get a workout. Exercising at home has never been easier, as long as you have a PLAN and a PROGRAM. This morning while I was shopping, a sales clerk was complaining about how she had joined a gym and is feeling frustrated because she cannot afford a trainer and is not sure what exercises would be right for her body. I explained to her that all she needs is a proper program, that is fun and easy to do that can be done in the comfort of her own home!

I have written a book called BYOB featuring photos and exercises with mini bands that are affordable, portable and powerful. BYOB also offers four different programs that you can follow and do anywhere with minimal space. The small bands come in four different resistances.

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