Ara Wiseman

Path to Healthy Living

What is the right plan for your unique biochemistry?

When we can add the necessary nutrients that we are lacking and remove what is impeding our body’s natural healing ability, we can affect the vitality and function of our cells and organs. Most of us have lost sight of what food will best nourish our bodies, especially as those needs change at different stages of life. When the necessary proportion of nutrients needed for health is not being met, the body will crave the missing nutrients and often attempt to find them by overindulging in unhealthy food.

We create imbalances and deficiencies everyday, living in our fast paced society. We are bombarded with competing food producers, distributors and marketers making conflicting or misleading claims about nutritional value. The resulting noise in the marketplace makes it difficult to know what is accurate. You may not know how a particular food might affect your long-term health, or what quantity and combinations of food will provide you with optimal energy. For many of us our relationship with food has slipped out of balance to become one of compulsion, fear, anxiety and guilt.

The health of our body is dependent on the health of our cells communicating and functioning optimally, creating billions of reactions every second. All the systems in our body have a unique job to do to support the whole. When one of the systems is stressed or isn’t functioning optimally, the other systems step in to help, compromising their own essential functions. Focusing solely on a symptom can be the equivalent of taking something out of context.

I have worked with a lot of people over the years ready to make changes to transform their health but unaware where to begin. Our programs will assist and empower you to take control of your health. Once you understand the impact your food and lifestyle choices are having on the health of your body, you can then make the necessary changes. Most of us have lost the connection between what we are eating, why we are eating and how we feel inside.

That’s where our specialized nutritional counseling programs help. My life’s work is in helping people transform and heal through diet.

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