by Ara Wiseman

Book A Smoother You Ara Wiseman

Whether you are thin, athletic, or need to lose weight cellulite does not discriminate

Why does your body develop cellulite and what does it reveal about the state of your health?

In this book, Ara Wiseman explores the science behind how the food we eat affects our body’s ability to repair itself at the cellular level. Everything we eat, drink, breathe, think or apply to our skin brings the outside world in and has an effect on our health.

Read this book and learn how to reduce excess body fat, stimulate collagen production, and detoxify your body. Follow Ara’s program and you will notice a reduction in the appearance of that dreaded cellulite. This book will give you all the tools necessary to become a happier smoother you!

Included: meal-planning guide, easy-to-prepare recipes, exercises to stimulate your lymphatic system, meditation techniques and illustrated yoga routines.

Book Feed your BODY Feed your SOUL Ara Wiseman

Feed Your Body Feed Your Soul

This book is about what it takes to achieve good health. It’s about food, attitude, emotions, and going deep within and discovering your true authentic self. When you start to peel away the layers and remove the blockages, you begin to understand who you are and what your body needs.


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