Ara Wiseman

Re-Committing To Commitment

(Written by Steffi Black)

Winter blahs, yes, we all have them. Whether it is labeled as seasonal affective disorder or simply the need for sunshine, there is a lack of energy in the air. The beginning of March is not quite spring and a lot of us are craving warmth and sunshine and feeling down because of it.

What are some ways we can tackle this seasonal, mental and physical fatigue?

Taking yoga classes has always helped me to feel stronger in my mind and body. In my Friday Hatha class a few weeks ago, my long-standing instructor shared a mantra with the participants that helped me re-focus my energy. For those who might have heard the term ‘mantra’ but are not sure of its meaning, one definition is: A mantra is a word or sound that serves as a focal point for certain types of meditation, used to help achieve spiritual transformation. The mantra in our class meditation that day was ‘re-commit to commitment.’ This emphasis on commitment gave me renewed energy to focus on my upcoming goals.

Another inspiration comes from one of my favorite books, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari written by Robin Sharma. Its impact and emphasis on daily rituals are still with me today and affect the life and career coaching work I do. In a recent video talk for making 2013 your best year ever, he suggested starting your day off early so you can exercise and focus on what’s ahead in a quiet, progressive way.

It does take willpower to initiate the small helpful steps that take you in the direction you need to go. Here’s to making  March a more focused and energized one.

Watch Deepak Chopra to help you with a guided meditation:

Wishing you continued life and career success!

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