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This is a time of harvesting, setting priorities, clarifying our intentions and thinking about new projects and goals. We need to be open to new ideas and experiences and to use our creativity to manifest our desires. Every second of every minute is an opportunity, with new possibilities presenting themselves to you. If you are channel surfing, going over conversations, or your to-do-list in your head and not being present and in this moment, you will miss it.

It’s important to realize that the past doesn’t exist. All you have is the present, the now, so why limit it with the heavy baggage we all tend to carry with us everywhere we go? We are all endowed with free will, which means we can choose our thoughts. We are not bound to the past and really have no need to carry its baggage. So why do we?

Eckhart Tolle believes we create and maintain problems because they give us a sense of identity. Perhaps this explains why we often hold onto our pain far beyond its ability to serve us.

Remembering the past is really about looking back on our evolution of awareness and consciousness. If we didn’t remember the wisdom we learned, we would keep making the same mistakes. Living in the past, feeling nostalgic and having fond memories, all seem wonderful, but, is it keeping you from experiencing and being in the present moment, which is really all you have. Feel gratitude and appreciation of how things are now and be able to see the whole picture. Let go, accept and welcome change. We are a part of nature, not apart from nature and as nature is changing and transforming, so are we. Some people hold on to the past because it seemed much happier than the present, but the past doesn’t exist and we end up clinging to a memory and resisting the natural ebb and flow of life. People live in the past because they are still carrying around emotional baggage with them from circumstances which have now passed. Ask yourself, ‘where am I not living in the real world, how is this serving me, and where am I in denial?’ In a recent video, I watched a very wise man told his son that if he is still thinking and hanging onto something that happened a couple years ago, then he really needs to charge rent from the guy he’s thinking about, because he is taking space up in his head, rent free. If we resolve our issues, we can put them to rest and we won’t have to waste precious energy and time thinking about them.

When I react to something that is happening presently, I realize I am still somehow allowing my past, which no longer exists, to infiltrate my present. My reaction is rooted in a past experience. It is a good starting point if we can extract the positive and learn from the negative, but its not enough. Next, we need to metaphorically empty our suitcase, story by story, and become aware of why we chose to experience it in the first place. What was the gift in that experience, what did we learn about ourselves? Why is it presenting itself in my current experience? Better yet, why are you allowing it, what do you need to learn from this and how can you finally resolve that issue within yourself? Empty your suitcase once and for all and begin to lighten your load. The final step is in healing your relationship with family and friends as we may be unaware of how we hurt others. Forgive others and yourself. Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. Its not the road you take per se, it’s the amount of baggage you carry with you.
We need to make space by letting go of all the clutter in our heads, our homes, our bodies, our relationships, our work, and anywhere in our life that it accumulates. It is all about letting go of what is no longer necessary. When we do, we create space for something new and wonderful to come in.

So how do we create the reality we want? First, we need to believe that it is possible by setting a vision, actually imagining it and feeling it. Be open to new opportunities, possibilities and blessings. Who we are and where we are in our lives is a reflection of our consciousness. So how can you apply this principle to nutrition and health?

If we are aware and see ourselves as energetic, fulfilled and engaged in life, then we will choose foods that will keep us energized and feeling good. If we see ourselves as tired, over weight, stuck and feeling uninspired, then we will choose foods that keep us in that consciousness. If we don’t believe our needs are going to be met, we create a lifestyle where we eat on the run, consume junk food, eat too much food, don’t exercise, drink a lot of coffee and not enough water. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In essence, “We eat who we are”.

We are not setting ourselves up to win; we are in fact manifesting our negative thoughts. We need to see ourselves healthy, happy, radiant, fulfilled, engaged in meaningful work and relationships, feeling inspired and enjoying life on all levels.

Once we realize and accept that we create our circumstances, we need to ask, “What is the lesson I need to learn here?” Only then can we look within and find the answers.

Ask yourself, “Is this the life I dreamed of when I was a child, and thought about how my life would be?” Maybe there is a course you have wanted to take but never seemed to find the time.
Search for the kind of work you love. If you know that changing something in your life would give you a complete sense of relief then that is an indication that it’s no longer right for you. It’s never too late to make changes.

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