Ara Wiseman

Self-Compassion During This Time

(Written by Steffi Black)

  • Honour your emotions.
  • Create a mini-plan that lays out your day and makes you feel centered.
  • Start new routines, including one minute breath work.
  • Start an online exercise and meditation program – many places are offering free programs.
  • Start a journal to become more in touch with your feelings.
  • Clean and declutter – start a new fresh template for your work and life organization.
  • Keep online networking so you can feel part of a community. Join Zoom and start a video chat with a work and/or a friend group.
  • Join an online community on Facebook that is sharing where you can help people virtually. We feel good when we help.
  • Read books that keep you uplifted and hopeful. Authors like Tara Brach, Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, etc.
  • Try a new calming activity like QiGong or yoga. This teacher is offering a month free:
  • If someone has expressed that they’re having difficulties, reach out to them.
  • Ask for help yourself. You are not alone.
  • We are all in this together. Let’s be a community that supports each other with kindness and compassion.

Steffi Black, Kindness Advocate

To reach Steffi, please go to:

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