The Transformative Anti-Aging Program™



A specialized counseling program designed to slow down the aging process and prevent and reverse age related skin and health issues. It consists of 8 one-on-one nutrition therapy sessions scheduled every two to three weeks. You will gain an understanding of the causes of aging and what specific key nutrients are needed for your biological cellular health and energy. We will address skin health and how to reduce wrinkles, cellulite and bags under your eyes, by feeding your skin from the inside out. We will improve your diet, strengthen your immune system, rebuild tissue, increase energy, reduce body fat, improve skin health and slow down the biological aging process. It is time to be proactive in your approach to aging and create a new vision of living, with vitality and passion!

“Aging may be inevitable; the rate of aging is not. You can’t change your genes but you can change the way they are expressed.”

The 8 sessions include:
Assessment and intake questionnaire
Nutritional & body composition analysis
Meal planning guide with easy to follow recipes
Specific supplement protocols for anti-aging
Food and mood journal review to keep you on track
Metabolic detoxification designed to enhance natural pathways and eliminate toxins
Weekly infrared sauna therapy for skin detox & rejuvenation
Addressing skin aging factors (boosting collagen and elastin production)
Pulsed electromagnetic therapy sessions
Enhancement of cellular health, energy cultivation and preservation
Hormonal balancing (saliva testing if needed)
Choosing the foods and serums that are beneficial for your skin type and condition
Longevity through lifestyle modifications
Anti-stress & deep breathing techniques for anti-aging
Email support
You will receive a copy of A Smoother You


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