I have known Ara for almost 20 years, having worked with her as a teenager and again in my adult life. She has guided me in my transition from an animal based diet to healthful plant based diet with ease. I have never felt more in tune with my inner being, and it is largely thanks to Ara for her infinite wisdom and her reminder that the most important act of all is to be kind and forgiving to myself and to nourish my body with love.

 -Kerri Mozessohn

I met Ara Wiseman in 2008 when I attended one of her presentations at my former gym. That’s how our relationship began. I felt a connection with Ara and that she cared. I was at a point in my life where I was having many digestive issues and the cause was unknown. Ara helped me with a regime and I started to eat better. Ara is someone I turn to, to get me back on track. She has a deep passion and belief for what she does.

-Holly Neil

Ara has a very calming nature to her. Her spiritual energy sets a tone of ease and complete serenity. What makes Ara so special is her ability to teach us not only how to feed our bodies, but how to feed our souls as well. She sets the groundwork to start rebuilding and transforming our relationships with food.

– Natalie Schinke

Ara has been and continues to be an excellent resource for expert knowledge, guidance and support in seeking a total healthy lifestyle including nutrition, wellness, emotional balance and dealing with stress. Her positivity, support and guidance have been a strong source of support for me over the years.

– Lyle Goodis

Ara Wiseman did a presentation on How to Manage Stress at our workplace, the feedback from the staff that attended was amazing.  Everyone learned a lot from the information she offered and even wanted more from her website and her books! The Staff that weren’t able to attend have asked if she can come back due to all the great things they’ve heard. Thanks Ara, in just one hour you made a difference and helped many people.

– Olga Casimiro

I met Ara as her student at a Nutrition program. Impressed by the breadth of her knowledge and holistic approach to living, I later became her client. I have learned so much from Ara in both capacities. She has been a source of inspiration and instrumental in my life decision to move towards a plant-based diet. Her knowledge base reaches way further than nutrition though. She has supported me in specific spiritual issues and conditions, providing me with a wide range of recommendations on products and treatments. I am very grateful to Ara for her guidance and inspiration in my life and feel very blessed to have met her!

– Giovanna Caccialanza

Ara is a fantastic teacher and nutritionist. I’ve had the honour and privilege of studying with her and being a client. She is extremely helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and supportive. Ara has significantly changed and transformed the way I look at health and nutrition. The information I learned has benefited my life in a deeply profound way. It’s been the most valuable experience. I highly recommend studying nutrition with Ara. It is one of the most important aspects of your life and directly impacts your health in a multitude of ways. Ara is the best and most qualified individual to guide anyone through this process of learning to treat your body well and reap all the rewards of a healthy and vibrant life.

– Mei Hao


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