The Complete Nutrition Program

A detailed counseling program that consists of 6 one-on-one nutrition therapy sessions scheduled every two to three weeks. These sessions are for clients who wish to improve their overall health with sustained support. You will become aware of how the food you are choosing affects your skin, cellular aging, emotional health, energy level, mental focus and the quality of life.

  • The 6 sessions include:
  • Nutritional & body composition analysis
  • Meal planning guide with recommendations and easy to follow recipes
  • Resources, handouts, tips & guidelines specific to your health status
  • Protocol for supplements based on health status, imbalances and deficiencies
  • Food and mood review to keep you on track
  • Understanding how food can correct imbalances, toxicities and nutritional deficiencies
  • Discovering emotional connections to symptoms you are experiencing
  • Becoming aware of what your body truly needs in order to become healthier
  • Strategies to make necessary lifestyle changes
  • Stress management solutions & breathing techniques
  • Email support
  • You will receive a copy of Feed Your Body Feed Your Soul

The Complete Nutrition Program:  $1290.00 + tax

Fees may be paid with cash, visa or debit during your first visit to our office or online. If applicable, taxes are included.


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