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To Love & Nurture Your Being

(Written by Nicole Amber)


To Love & Nurture Your Being

When was the last time you reserved a whole hour to experience your Magnificent Being?

Do you dedicate time for yourself to express your Joy, your Truth, and your Creativity?

One hour in which you completely love and nurture yourself?

Do you consciously choose how to experience your life, doing or just being what you love?

Many of us are only now awakening to the importance of living a life in Truth, Love and Appreciation for who we are. From childhood, we may have been led blindly and conditioned to believe that it’s selfish to express self-love and appreciation.

But how can we truly love and appreciate the people we share our lives with if we don’t begin with ourselves?

We live in a fast-paced world, where we allow ourselves to be tugged and nudged from every direction. Unaware, our mind races from one thought to another, never ceasing to allow our Heart to express. From morning to night, we’re busying ourselves with hundreds of tasks, hardly making time, if any, for ourselves and our loved ones.

We have forgotten how to listen to our heart, to people we share our lives with and to the All-Knowing silence. We ask others for advice on how to be and how to feel; when really nobody could possibly know us better than we can. All we have to do is learn to be still and listen. All the answers dwell within.

Some of us may say that we don’t have time to be still and listen. We have many responsibilities and we convince ourselves that there are not enough hours in a day to stop and listen to the song of our heart, especially when it comes to making the time to love and nurture ourselves. I was one of these people.

My journey of healing spearheaded in January 2012 when the pain of not changing my life to a balanced one was greater than living in the familiar zone of denying my heart. I could no longer ignore and deny myself. I was ready to break old patterns in my relationships and to do what it takes to open my heart and vibrate at a higher frequency of unconditional love.

The intention and decision was made to change my life. To begin, I had to learn how to love and nurture myself to health but I had no clue how to do this. There were many obstacles thrown my way to stop me. My mind tried to convince me that it was selfish, a waste of time, not ‘spiritual’; but my heart was stronger and it gently guided me and continues to do so today – as long as I listen.

My heart guided me to continue to meet and connect to the people who have been
a great source of friendship, loving support and inspiration to me.

Having also recently completed a 10 session bio-photonic lymph drainage program which included releasing negative emotions trapped in the body and subconscious, I learned that our lymph system is the very foundation of our immune system and emotional health.        I learned how to let go of the past and understand that our experiences help us become aware of why we are.

Doing this work, to a greater degree has helped me ‘see’ who I am; to love and appreciate myself more; and to love and appreciate others more as a result.

It is important for us to see who we are from the Window of our Heart and through the eyes of Light. This gift, we can extend to others and our relationships become more loving, nurturing and harmonious. We begin to know that Love is All There Is when we make every effort to constantly vibrate at this frequency.

How to Love and Nurture Your Being Daily:

1. Dedicate one hour per day to yourself and give it a name if you want – i.e. “Me Time”. Schedule this time in your calendar. This is your period to do whatever you please.

2. Turn off your phone, computer, and all other possible interferences. Let your spouse, family, co-workers and/or roommates know that you are booked for this time and would appreciate not to be disturbed unless absolutely necessary.

3. Choose a quiet environment. Sit for a few minutes and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths (breathe in from your nose; breathe out from your mouth).

Listen to the beat of your heart. Visualize how you’re going to spend this hour and how you will feel. How do you love to express yourself? Imagine yourself doing what you love.

Let go of any thoughts of guilt about what you ‘should’ be doing at this time for others instead of yourself. Give yourself permission to take this time to love and nurture yourself. Open your eyes.

4. In this hour do what you love (without anybody’s approval). This may be reading, writing, painting, meditating, take a long bath, going for a walk, listening to music, and/or doing absolutely nothing).

5. Enable the Trinity of Heart, Mind and Body to participate cooperatively within you.

6. Notice how you feel afterwards, without analyzing. Just flow.

7. You may also want to write down your observations, insights and feelings in a personal journal. Note: If your writing includes the release of negative thoughts and/or emotions, do not re-read what you’ve written; instead, when you finish writing, dispose of the page immediately by shredding it and placing it in the recycle bin.

~ Written by Nicole Amber

For more ideas on how to love and nurture your Being or to join our workshops to joyfully discover the depths of the real you, contact Ara ( to learn more about our upcoming Toronto events.

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