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What’s your excuse?

(Written by Frances Michaelson)

We all have excuses. Let’s face it, it is human nature. We are a very busy species and it is extremely difficult to manage to do all the things we would like to do and accomplish in one day.

There is a way to accomplish the most important things first, by making sure to take care of yourself, so you are healthy and feeling energized and motivated! We must learn to prioritize.

Let’s talk about exercise. The most common excuse that I hear as a personal trainer, is there is no time. My answer is always the same. When a client tells me that he or she has no time, I always say, “No one does, we must make the time.”

Here is a personal example. I decided the other morning when I opened my facility at 5:30 am, that instead of opening my computer and getting caught up in emails, that I would take just 15 minutes and work out. I know how much better I feel when I get the heart pumping, and sweat!

There is no questions that one could accomplish alot in just 15 minutes – squats, push ups, rows and plank followed by skipping – repeat this 3 times and you’ve worked all the major muscle groups! If I Compare this to just sitting on my ball and glueing myself to the computer for the first couple of hours, there is no comparison to how much better I am now feeling.

If you are at home and do not belong to a gym, you can do the same thing. Either take the stairs a few times, jog around the block, do your squats, push ups and rows and repeat. You will feel energized to have an amazing day!

I wrote a small book called B.Y.O.B, which translates to ‘Bring Your Own Band.’ It is a book with mini band exercises that one can do anywhere. It also features 4 workout programs that you can do at home. The exercises are all using your bodyweight or using a mini band. You can purchase the mini band for $4.95 and the book for 14.95.

No more excuses! Would you like to workout in the comfort of your home or on the road? This book and band combination offers 4 workout programs that you can do anywhere-complete with photos and full exercise descriptions
visit: to order and get started!

Frances Michaelson is a Personal trainer and Naturopath from Montreal. She can be reached by email at

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