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We also custom build seminars and programs based on your specific needs.

A Healthier Tomorrow

Understanding stress and how it affects our physical and emotional state. Incorporating healthy nutrition & lifestyle practices to help with stress and improve your health.

Alcoholism and Nutrition

Understanding the causes of addiction. What nutrients are required to replenish and restore the body’s chemistry and how to prevent relapse.

Aging Well and Longevity

Are your daily habits adding years to your life or life to your years? How to restore energy and vitality. Reduce excess body fat, stimulate collagen production, and detoxify your body.


Anti-Aging Skin Protocols

Keep your skin plump and juicy. How to diminish cellulite. The foods and nutrients that increase your body’s ability to repair itself at the cellular level.

Balancing the Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Emotional, Social, Physical Intellectual/Creative, Spiritual, Occupational and Environmental. What part of your wellness wheel needs attention? How to adapt and be open to change.

Boost Your Immune System

The foods that boost your immune system and the ones that stress it. How to keep your inner terrain healthy. How your state of mind affects your immune system.

Cleaning Out Your Internal Closet

Detoxification and cleansing what does it really mean? How do I detoxify and what are toxins and where do they come from?


Finding balance and discovering the sweetness in life! Foods to include and avoid in order to keep your blood sugar stabilized.

Developing Your Gut Instinct

Digestion and the ins and outs. Elimination and learning to let go. How to get optimal absorption of nutrients. Understand the gut brain connection.

Effective Weight Loss Strategies

How to lose weight in a healthy way. How your thyroid, medications, perceptions, belief systems play a role in weight loss. Food and lifestyle practices that raise your metabolism.

Healthy Eating on the Run

Forsake nutrition and you give up good health. Fit nutrition into your busy lifestyle! Practical strategies to select nutritious, energy rich foods on the run.

Menopause, PMS, and Hormonal Changes

Effective strategies to help reduce your symptoms. How stress plays a role. Why am I gaining weight around my mid section and how do I get rid of it?

Nutrition for Shift Work

How to stay alert and focused and how to get a restful sleep with the right combinations of nutrients. What is your internal clock?

Nutrition: What is a Balanced Diet?

How do we finally find balance in our lives with food.

Pain Management

What is an Anti-inflammatory diet? Manage chronic pain and understand what it represents.

Preventing Cancer

What are the top strategies in cancer prevention?

Preventing Heart Disease

What causes heart disease? What are heart healthy foods? How is stress a factor? How to reduce inflammation.

Stress Management Planning

Short-term and long-term goal setting solutions.

Sugar, Chocolate and Other Cravings

How to deal with sugar cravings. Why do I crave bread, sugar and cheese? The food and mood connection.

Ten Steps to a Leaner You

It isn’t always what you add, oftentimes it’s what you subtract.

The Importance of Hydration

What happens when you are two percent dehydrated? Understand how dehydration affects your skin, metabolism, mood, hunger levels and energy.

The Nuts and Seeds of Protein

The erroneous myths about protein, how much protein do you really need? What are the best sources?

The Skinny on Fat

Which fats are the healthiest to use? What are essential fatty acids? How unhealthy fats get into the food supply and how they contribute to extra body fat.

Fail to Plan; Plan to Fail

The well-worn saying applies to achieving a healthy way of eating. Staple foods you should have in your kitchen. How to grocery shop efficiently and effectively. Reading and understanding food labels. Being prepared is the key!

Vision Board Workshop

Creating a collage of pictures that represents your goals and dreams.

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